Browsing with head movement, relaxing your neck and improving your sitting posture.


Vertical Move to Scroll Page

You can scroll up or down by moving your head up or down with a custom speed.


Horizontal Move to Switch Tabs

You can switch between open tabs by moving your head left or right


Reading Docs without Focus Change

Just keep focusing on the IDE and reading docs at the same time with your head movement.


Floating Control Panel

Quickly access to the floating control panel in the corner of your screen.


Sitting Posture Detection

Get notified when you are sitting in a bad posture.


Pomodoro Timers to Remind Neck Relaxation

Relax your neck with the reminders take a break.

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Browsing Tabs with Head Movement

You can move your head left and right to switch tabs, and move your head up and down to scroll the page. Much more fun and help you relax.


Posture Monitor and Warnings

Neckium can monitor your posture and give you warnings when you are sitting with a bad posture.

posture monitor

Pomodoro Timer and Break Reminders

Do not work too long without a break even with a good posture. Neckium can remind you to take a break and help you to focus on your work.

pomodoro timer

Reading without Focus Changing

Image that you can read the develop documents or some other tutorial without leaving your code editor or anything you are working on.

focus dev

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